Nixon Equine Vet Consultancy Services

Affordable VAT-free equine veterinary consultancy services

Jane Nixon Equine Vet Consultancy Services

VAT-FREE Affordable Equine Vet Consultancy Services

An experienced equine vet for 30+ years, Jane Nixon’s professional equine vet consultancy services include:

UK-Wide Equine Vet Consultancy Services:

  • Affordable 5 Stage pre-purchase horse vettings
  • Advice re selection, performance & management of the competition horse with special regard to conformation
  • Equine veterinary referrals working with the home vet
  • Gradings & evaluations for Sports Horse Breeding GB
  • Veterinary evaluations in preparation for the BEF Futurity, Bridge & Equine Pathway Schemes and all youngstock, mare and stallion gradings.

Local Equine Vet Consultancy Services:

  • Routine equine veterinary & lameness investigations
  • Buckingham Equine Vets equine veterinary consultancy.

What Jane's Clients Say They Like About Her

Jane’s clients like her:
  • Experience
  • Attention to Detail
  • Value for Money (no VAT)

Competition Horse Consultancy Advice

Sports Horse Performance Management

Jane Nixon offers consultancy-based advice on the performance and management of the competition horse, from day 1 of the foal’s life, to the pinnacle of its competitive career and management thereafter, to all horse owners both locally and nationally.

Jane’s fully comprehensive equine vet consultancy services include sub-optimal performance assessment, diagnosis and advice on the management of under-performing sports horses & ponies in all equestrian disciplines, i.e. dressage, eventing, show-jumping and endurance.

5-Stage Pre-Purchase Equine Vetting

Affordable ZERO VAT UK-Wide

equine vet consultancy services

Pictured above: Jane Nixon (Green Jacket) Conducting a BEF Futurity Evaluation Young Horse Vetting

A very experienced equine vet for over 35 years, Dr Jane Nixon offers a fully-mobile and affordable (ZERO VAT) 5-stage pre-purchase horse and pony vetting examination service country-wide, with optional X-Rays and blood samples, for both horse owners and referring vets, in additin to a wider range of equine vet consultancy services aimed at the competition horse. Being close to Jane’s home location at Maids Moreton, near Buckingham, special terms are offered for horse vetting and performance examinations done at Addington Manor Equestrian Center in Buckinghamshire.

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Equine Veterinary Referrals

Liaising with the horse owner's home vet

While often called in by the horse owner, Jane will always consult and liaise with the referring ‘home’ vet to diagnose poor performance in competition horses & ponies in all equine sports disciplines.

Working in a recognised, entirely ethical and professional manner, with the referring vet, Jane Nixon will examine the problem, consult with the ‘home’ vet on any treatment required, and continue liaising and following up with both the horse owner and referring vet thereafter.

In fact Jane never sees a case, without first seeking the permission from the owner’s ‘home’ vet.