Equine Veterinary

VAT-FREE Consultancy Referrals

Jane Nixon provides a professional equine veterinary consultancy referral service for a range of young and competition horse selection, performance and management issues—with special regard to conformation.

Dr Jane Nixon equine vet

Sport Horse Consultancy

Jane Nixon offers consultancy-based advice, on a referral basis, on the performance and management of the competition horse, from day 1 of the foal’s life to the pinnacle of its competitive career and later management. Consultancy services include sub-optimal performance assessment, diagnosis and advice on the management of under-performing sports horses & ponies in all equestrian disciplines, i.e. dressage, eventing, show-jumping and endurance.

Competition horse equine veterinary referrals

While often called in by the horse owner, Jane will always consult and liaise with the referring home vet to diagnose poor performance in sports horses & ponies in all disciplines. Jane never sees a case without first seeking permission from the owner’s vet. Working in a recognised, ethical & professional manner with the referring vet, Jane Nixon will examine the problem, consult with the hom’ vet on any treatment required, and continue liaising and following up with both horse owner and vet. Jane also continues to act as equine veterinary consultant to Buckingham Equine Vets—which practice was originally founded in 2005 by Jane and her late husband Stewart Hastie, as Nixon Equine Vets.

Jane Nixon British Breeding Futurity Evaluating Vet

Performance horse consultancy & Advice

While most of Jane's work is in her own private sports horse consultancy where she works with 3rd party referring vets to assess, diagnose and advise on poor performance in competition horses and ponies in all equine sports disciplines, she is also closely involved with:

  • In her role as Chair of the British Horse Foundation
  • Gradings & evaluations for Sports Horse Breeding GB
  • Veterinary evaluations in preparation for BEF Futurity
  • Bridge & Equine Pathway Scheme vet preparation
  • Youngstock, mare and stallion grading preparation.